Immigration law is complex, and mistakes often lead to denials or even deportation orders. It is important to consult with an immigration lawyer early to discuss your options. Our lawyers can help you understand the process and help guide you through it. Ryan The Lawyer focuses on family immigration issues and deportation defense.

Family Immigration

We can help with a wide-variety of petitions including fiancé visas, work permits, green cards, adjusting status, and asylum. The following is just a small sample of the issues we handle:

Fiancé Visa The couple must marry before the 90-day visa is up or the fiancé must leave the United States.
Marriage to a United States Citizen The United States citizen spouse must file a petition to adjust the spouse’s status.
Immediate Relative Petition The United States citizen must file a petition to show relationship and eligibility.
Non-Immediate Relative Petition The United States citizen must file a petition to show the relationship and eligibility. The relative will have to face the quota for their country and wait for admission.

Deportation and Removal Hearings

If you face detention, deportation, or removal proceedings or have been given a notice to appear in front of an Immigration Judge, you are fighting for your life, and must hire an attorney. For example, if you do not appear on a scheduled hearing date, the Judge will likely issue an Order to remove you from the country. Because the government is serious about the process, you must be too.

Removal proceedings are a scary and difficult time for you and your family. We have your back. Our lawyers will fight for your right to remain in the United States.

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